MDM: Munnar Destination Makers


Munnar Destination Makers aka MDM is here. The brain child of the best hoteliers (proudly we say that, as our guests say the same) of chithirapuram.


You know Munnar as that destination, where you can travel for the cold, the wind, the hills and other things. But there is much more to the Munnar that you see now.

An unexplored landscape till the later half of 19th century, Munnar came into the limelight when planters from Europe started plantations. The 'jenmam land' of Poonjar Royal Family got an upgrade. Different crops were planted but later the planters abandoned much of it and concentrated on Tea alone. Daniel Munro, A.W Turnor, A.H Sharp and many more were the prominent planters who had an inevitable role in transforming the Virgin Hills of Munnar to Aromatic Hills. Tata Group also entered the picture in 1964. Later in 2005, the Kannan Devan Hills Produce Company Pvt. Ltd was formed. This is just one side of Munnar with the plantation industry as the main character.

Munnar is unpredictable. It's a beautiful mystery. A game of colors. You traverse through the heights and turns of the road towards Munnar, the change in the scenery and landscape is mesmerizing. The change in altitude is directly proportional to the change in your attitude. Your attitude and attention to detail will be on a high level. It will be an astronomical difference. You ain't you on the hills of Munnar.

Munnar through MDM

Forget those usual itineraries. Try refreshing yourself with a custom itinerary. The dedicated team at MDM is born ready for that. You could prepare your eyes and soul for a ravishing experience. We call ourselves being Naturally Responsible. We mean that in every step. We aspire to be the flag bearers of Responsible Tourism. Through MDM, Munnar would be a New Munnar..

The later half of 20th century witnessed the rise of a place which was predominantly a plantation industry community to a tourist hot spot. People from all over the world started flocking to this hill station which was in plain sight but ignored. The hoteliers involved in MDM had previously envisioned the opportunity available for tourism in Munnar.

Just like every other tourist attraction, Munnar also had to and still bearing the effects of globalization. The massive influx of tourists to this hill station made it an unfortunate host that receive tonnes of waste. We, MDM is striving hard and doing its part in the conservation of God's beautiful creation.

Munnar would never be the same to you. The scenic valleys, sprawling plantations, rolling hills, waterfalls and much more is ready to mesmerize you. The wall that's hiding you from seeing the real Munnar is no more there. MDM had carved out an alcove, just for the real traveller.